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International statement regarding the World Bank project “Piauí: Pillars of Growth and Social Inclusion” (Human Rights Monitor)

Friday 23 March 2018 by LRAN

The World Bank’s project “Piauí: Pillars of Growth and Social Inclusion” (project no. P129342) supports a land titling program in an area that is witnessing high levels of land grabbing, land conflicts and environmental destruction, which are linked to the expansion of monocultures into the region known as MATOPIBA, and the Brazilian Cerrado more generally.

Report submitted by the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter (Human Rights Monitor)

Wednesday 30 March 2011 by LRAN

The reinvestment in agriculture, triggered by the 2008 food price crisis, is essential to the concrete realization of the right to food. However, in a context of ecological, food and energy crises, the most pressing issue regarding reinvestment is not how much, but how.

Secretary of CPT’s National Coordination Office.

Violation of Rights and Violence Persist in the Countryside (Human Rights Monitor)

Antonio Canuto
Sunday 11 July 2010 by LRAN

What can be concluded from this rapid journey through the last ten years is that the Brazilian State has always walked hand-in-hand with large landowners. It has always protected their interests and, at the same time, repressed workers who organize to defend their rights.


Colombia: displacement of rural families, Bolívar region (Urgent Actions)

Friday 23 October 2009 by LRAN

On July 14, 2009, 120 families were forcibly displaced. They are from the estate of Las Pavas, located in the administrative district of Buenos Aires in the municipality of El Peñón in the southern Bolívar province. Members of the National Police and the Anti-disturbance squads entered into the community, destroying 7 houses, sacking their belongings and removing the families, including 100 children, from their houses.

Global Campaign for Agrarian Reform

Madagascar: threat of large-scale land acquisition by foreign companies (Urgent Actions)

Monday 20 July 2009 by LRAN

In November 2008 it was revealed that the Korean company Daewoo would have signed a contract for leasing 1.3 million ha for 99 years to produce maize and palm oil in Madagascar. The whole harvest was intended to be exported to Korea and the terms of the contract were skewed in favour of the company.

Global Campaign for Agrarian Reform

Brazil: Increasing repression and criminalization against the Landless People Movement (MST) (Urgent Actions)

Monday 30 June 2008 by LRAN

Last June 17, about 300 landless (the vast majority of them women, children and elderly) were forcibly evicted from two camps of the "Movimento de Trabalhadores Sem Terra" (MST), located on leased and private land -therefore legally occupied- in the vicinity of Fazenda Guerra, in Coqueiros do Sul, Northern region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Global Campaign for Agrarian Reform

The Philippines: Access to land is denied to 165 farmer beneficiaries, Sumilao, Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao (Human Rights Monitor)

Tuesday 11 December 2007 by LRAN


0720APHL 03-12-2007

Denunciation of peasant rights violations in Paraguay (Human Rights Monitor)

Tuesday 27 November 2007 by LRAN

Press Release - FIAN International and La Via Campesina - Global Campaign for Agrarian Reform

EMERGENCY Call to action for the 8th of November!

Sygenta represses and murders rural workers! (Urgent Actions)

To: Organisations of Via Campesina, allies and friends From: The International Coordinating Committee of Via Campesina (CCI)
Thursday 1 November 2007 by LRAN

In response to the events of the past 21st of October, where armed guards contracted by Syngenta, a Swiss transnational corporation which produces genetically modified crops and seeds, invaded the Tierra Libre campsite of the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST) which is affiliated to the Via Campesina in Parana, Brazil. The armed men entered and shot dead Valmir Mota de Oliviera, also known as Keno, a leader of the MST, injured several others, and made death threats against the other land workers present in the campsite.


Mexico: Dispossession of indigenous lands, Chiapas (Urgent Actions)

Global Campaign for Agrarian Reform
Tuesday 30 October 2007 by LRAN
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