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  • Philippine’s flawed agrarian reform bears a little fruit

    , by LRAN

    While it is true that the Philippines’ agrarian reform program has loopholes that have been creating problems for the law’s implementation, the program has also paved the way to reverse the plight of some farmers.
    Although stories of farmer-beneficiaries still await successful endings, those (...)

  • Farmers get 800 ha in agrarian hot spot

    , by LRAN

    LUCENA CITY—Alma Rabena, 44, a longtime tenant of the vast Hacienda Matias in San Francisco, Quezon, in the province’s Bondoc Peninsula, said this year would be her most memorable Christmas as she received on Friday her certificate of land ownership award under the government’s agrarian reform program.

  • Whose “Clean” Development? Communities Speak Out

    , by LRAN

    Our analysis, and that of many communities and organisations across Asia, is that the CDM is an extension of the generalised approach to big project and energy intensive development that has systematically marginalised indigenous peoples and local communities and over- exploited the Earth. The (...)

  • Cambodian Platform for Struggle

    , by LRAN

    This was the simple yet powerful message from the ASEAN Grassroots People’s Assembly (AGPA), held November 13 to 16 In Phnom Penh and attended by about 4000 Cambodians and another 200 people from other ASEAN countries.