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5 Years of Agroecology in La Vía Campesina

5 September 2013

From Maputo to Jakarta

International Commission on Sustainable Peasant Agriculture

In the present volume we provide some of the key documents produced over these past
five years, which give a feel for both the political struggle to defend sustainable peasant
agriculture and the practical process of supporting the agroecology processes being
carried out by member organizations and regions.

At our Fifth International Conference, held in October of 2008 in Maputo,
Mozambique, La Va Campesina (LVC) declared that, “we are men and
women of the earth, we are those who produce food for the world. We have the right to continue being peasants and family farmers, and to
shoulder the responsibility of continuing to feed our peoples. We care for seeds, which are life, and for us the act of producing food is an act of love. Humanity depends on us, and we refuse to disappear.”

In producing that food, we made a commitment to use “sustainable peasant and family farm agriculture,” as, “only agroecological peasant and family farming can de-link food prices from petroleum prices, recover degraded soils, and produce healthy local food for our peoples.”


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