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Food Sovereignty

13 August 2008


Washington D.C. (August 13, 2008) - The National Family Farm Coalition welcomed with elation the recent failure of the Doha Round negotiations at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. NFFC, an organization representing family farmers in the United States and a member of Via Campesina, an international coalition...

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6 July 2008

The Time has Come for La Via Campesina and Food Sovereignty

Translated by Peter Rosset from the original at Around the world it seems more and more that the time has come for La Via Campesina ( The global alliance of peasant and family farm organizations has...

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27 June 2008


This is a pre-release of the editorial on the food crisis of the July 2008 issue of GRAIN’s Seedling magazine. We decided to distribute this now in support of the mobilisations of social movements around the High-Level FAO Conference on World Food Security, held from 3 - 5 June in Rome. While there has been...

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20 May 2008

Liberalizing Food Trade to Death

19 May 2008

Summary of Critical analysis of the causes of the explosion in world agricultural prices

Solidarité ( I – Classification of the causes of the recent explosion in agricultural prices One can distinguish the causes linked to the increased demand from those linked to a lower supply or higher production costs, knowing that some causes have had short term effects while others...

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18 May 2008

An Answer to the Global Food Crisis

Prices on the world market for cereals are rising. Wheat prices increased by 130% in the period between March 2007- March 2008. Rice prices increased by almost 80% in the period up to 2008. Maize prices increased by 35% between March 2007 and March 2008 (1). In countries that depend heavily on food imports some...

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15 May 2008

Concrete measures are needed to strengthen peasant and farmer-based food production

Dear Mr. Diouf, Mr. Fukuda, and Mr. Ashe Our movement, La Via Campesina, consists of millions of small farmers and landless workers in more than 60 countries around the world. Although we are the ones producing food for our families and communities, many of us are hungry or living in poverty. Over the last...

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8 May 2008

Small farms as a planetary ecological asset

Miguel A. Altieri President, Sociedad Cientifica LatinoAmericana de Agroecologia (SOCLA) The Via Campesina has long argued that farmers need land to produce food for their own communities and for their country and for this reason has advocated for genuine agrarian reforms to access and control land, water,...

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1 May 2008

OPEN LETTER to Mr Jacques Diouf, Jacques Diouf and John W. Ashe

OPEN LETTER to Mr Jacques Diouf Secretary General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) , Mr. Yasuo Fukuda, Prime Minister of Japan, President of the G8 , Mr. John W. Ashe, Permanent UN representative, Antigua and Barbuda’s Permanent and Chairman of the Group of 77 Concrete measures are needed to...

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13 September 2007

Wilderswil declaration on Livestock diversity

We, representatives of 30 organizations of pastoralists, indigenous peoples, smallholder farmers and NGOs from 26 countries in both the North and the South came together in Wilderswil at our "Livestock Diversity Forum: Defending Food Sovereignty and Livestock Keepers’ Rights". We met in parallel with FAO’s...

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