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Policies of the corporations afecting the defense of land and food

23 November 2010

Farmland Frontier

9 October 2010

Investing in land: a commentary on the World Bank report

9 October 2010

Food figures need a pinch of salt

18 September 2010

World Bank report on land grabbing: beyond the smoke and mirrors

26 August 2010

Stop land grabbing now

Say NO to the principles of “responsible” agro-enterprise investment promoted by the World Bank State and private investors, from Citadel Capital to Goldman Sachs, are leasing or buying up tens of millions of hectares of farmlands in Asia, Africa and Latin America for food and fuel production. This land grabbing...

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11 July 2010

Poverty according to the World Bank

Francisco Adjacy Farias is a sociologist and member of the research group Observatório das Nacionalidades (Nationality Watch). Mônica Dias Martins is a professor at the State University of Ceará coordinator of Observatório das Nacionalidades, and editor of the journal Tensões Mundiais (World Tensions). Although poverty...

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9 June 2010

Responsibly Destroying the World’s Peasantry

6 May 2010

Monocropping of Sugarcane and Counter-Agrarian Reform

12 April 2010

Agribusiness and the Food Crisis: A new thrust at anti-trust

22 March 2010

Land grabbing in Latin America

Right now communities in Latin America, as around the world, are suffering a new kind of invasion of their territories. These invaders are not the descendants of the European conquistadores, who appropriated land, gathered slaves and plundered their colonial domains. Nor are they the big finqueros (estate...

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