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Policies of the corporations afecting the defense of land and food

23 December 2009

The palm oil land grab

Climate change is only the meteorological manifestation of many misuses of the earth in pursuit of easy, or easier, lives. As the conference in Copenhagen tries to establish some global limits on pollution and exploitation, we report from those places where the damage has long been done, starting with Indonesia...

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21 October 2009

Europes factory farms devastating communities and environment

New film shows massive impact of soy production A new film launched on World Food Day 2009 reveals a hidden chain of destruction stretching from factory farms in Europe to the forests of South America where huge soy plantations are devastating communities, destroying wildlife and...

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21 October 2009

The new farm owners

21 October 2009

Food imperialism: Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution

10 August 2009

An Agrarian Crisis in the Making

As the importance of agrarian reform and rural development is underscored, given the multiple crises in our midst, the country’s agrarian reform program has been further undermined. In 2008, demonstrations, rallies, long marches abounded as pro-agrarian reform forces waged a campaign to introduce major reforms...

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29 June 2009

Shadows of global crisis on agriculture

World over peasant farmers are feeling the negative and positive outcomes of the crisis. In the 250-year history of industrial capitalism, there have been numerous cyclical crises, at least three of them global and systemic, including this one. In the preceding crises, capitalists always introduced measures to...

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25 April 2009

The unnatural coupling: Food and global finance

Paper for presentation at IDEAs Conference on “Re-regulating global finance in the light of global crisis” Tsinghua University, Beijing China, 9-11 April 2009 Introduction It has been clear for some months now that the global food crisis, which has been simmering for some time even if it first attracted...

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21 March 2009

The crisis will be profound and prolonged

It’s been several months since the crisis of capitalism was unleashed on the international level, with its epicenter in financial capital and the US economy. Now we have more evidence that this crisis will be profound and prolonged, affecting all the peripheral economies — including Brazil. Many analyses of the...

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27 January 2009

The global food crisis and food security in India

The financial crisis especially in the most developed capitalist countries has drawn international attention away from the food crisis, but this continues to fester and even grow. When the global food crisis first hit international headlines early this year, international bureaucrats referred to the current...

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20 October 2008

Defending the Rights of Corporations at the Cost of the Rights of the People

By Héctor Mondragón Presented in Chicago September 5, 2008 Greetings to all and my appreciation to those who are present here, to hear my reflections despite my inability to be there with you in person. I’ve had to turn to the help of technological experts to be able to share with you as had been planned. You...

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