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Policies of the corporations afecting the defense of land and food

19 September 2008

Agrofuels and the Myth of the Marginal Lands

A briefing by The Gaia Foundation, Biofuelwatch, the African Biodiversity Network, Salva La Selva, Watch Indonesia and EcoNexus September 2008 MARGINAL, IDLE, DEGRADED, UNDER-UTILISED, SLEEPING, WASTELANDS AND ABANDONED CROPLANDS: all of these are different terms for what is being promoted as the "solution" to...

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2 August 2008

Sugarcane plantations destroy the Cerrado in Brazil

Maria Luisa Mendonça is a journalist and coordinator of the Network for Social Justice and Human Rights in Brazil. Translation from Portuguese into English by Julian Pinto Rocha, from FIAN. Brasil de Fato, July 2th, 2008 The Brazilian savannah (Cerrado) is known as "father of waters" because it supplies the...

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2 August 2008

Foreign aid and CARP extension

The authors are involved in a policy-oriented study on ODA and agrarian reform in collaboration with several researchers, the Asian regional office of the Belgian Coalition of North-South Movements or the "11.11.11-Pilipinas" and the Focus on the Global South. Saturnino M. Borras Jr., Ph.D., is Canada Research...

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6 July 2008

The Rise of Food Fascism:

Like many third world countries Bolivia is experiencing food shortages and rising food prices attributable to a global food marketing system driven by multinational agribusiness corporations. With sixty percent of the Bolivian population living in poverty and thirty-three percent in extreme poverty, the price of...

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27 June 2008

American farms’ answer to illegal immigration is to grow crops in Mexico

30 April 2008

Making a killing from the food crisis

The world food crisis is hurting a lot of people, but global agribusiness firms, traders and speculators are raking in huge profits. Download in PDF from GRAIN website Much of the news coverage of the world food crisis has focussed on riots in low-income countries, where workers and others cannot cope with...

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13 April 2008

Expansion of Biotechnology in Brazil Augments Rural Conflicts

17 March 2008

Why Food Import Surges Are an Issue at The WTO

Analysis by Aileen Kwa The second article in a two-part series (END/2008) GENEVA, Mar 7 (IPS) - Food import surges have had devastating consequences for the rural poor and local economies in Africa. Such surges have taken place with alarming frequency in the past decade or two. This explains why the Group of...

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6 March 2008

Is Corn Leading Us Towards Social Change or Ecological Disaster?

Understanding corn could be the key to social change that saves the planet and helps us create democratic communities and local food supplies. Or, left to the philosophy of corporations like ADM, Cargill, Monsanto and DuPont, ignorance and inaction will make corn, a gift of Mother Nature and ancient civilizations,...

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20 February 2008

A response to the Global Food Prices Crisis

Press Release - La Via Campesina (Rome, 14 February 2008) Consumers around the world have seen the prices of staple food dramatically increasing over the past months, creating extreme hardship especially for the poorest communities. Over a year, wheat has doubled in price, maize is nearly 50% higher than a year...

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